Event Grown Ups Pay Kids Prices at Odeon Luxe
Sun 14th Apr 2019

Grown Ups Pay Kids Prices at Odeon Luxe

Adults pay kids prices


Feel like a child again, adults pay child prices with Odeon’s family of 4 ticket.

Whether 2 Adults 2 Children, or 1 Adult 3 Children, ODEON have you covered! Simply select the family ticket option when you book online. 





Here's our pick of this month's top movies.


Wonder Park 


“It’s time to bring the park back to life!” - June

Stars: Jennifer Garner, Mila Kunis, Matthew Broderick, John Oliver

Story:  Wonder Park tells the story of an incredible amusement park dreamt up by a widely imaginative little girl named June. Now overgrown and broken-down, can our plucky heroine find a way to bring back the wonder?

Cool fact: June’s friend Boomer the Bear is voiced by former Doctor Who star Tom Baker.

Why it’s the perfect Easter holiday movie: It’s bright and fun with a lovely message at its heart. Plus, there are chimpanzee zombies!




Cast: Colin Farrell, Danny DeVito, Eva Green

Plot: Everyone remembers Disney’s classic 1941 animation about the airborne baby elephant – now the story is reborn as a live-action spectacular, straight from the spidery imagination of director Tim Burton. 

Why it’s the perfect Easter holiday movie: Last time Burton got his hands on a Disney classic – 2010’s Alice In Wonderland – he took it to the outer reaches. Just wait until you see what he’s done to Dumbo… 


Missing Link


“I wanted to make a kind of stop-motion Indiana Jones movie meets buddy picture.” –  Director Chris Butler

Voices: Zoe Saldana, Hugh Jackman, Emma Thompson

Story: Gentleman adventurer Sir Lionel Frost (Hugh Jackman) is determined to find the so-called ‘missing link’ – a mysterious creature that sits halfway between monkey and man on the evolutionary chain. All Frost has to do is travel across land and sea to reunite the monster (who’s actually very nice really) with his own kind.

Cool fact: Writer-director Chris Butler had Hugh Jackman in mind from the start for Sir Lionel Frost.

Why it’s the perfect Easter holiday movie: Laugh-out-loud funny and boasting an A-list voice, this colourful and clever stop-motion animation is the best thing to happen to plasticine in years.


Peppa Pig: Festival of Fun



“Snort!” – Peppa Pig

Voices: Harley Bird, Morwenna Banks, Richard Ridings

Story: Running for a nipper-friendly 60 minutes, Peppa Pig: Festival of Fun is a compilation of 10 new and exclusive, never-before-seen episodes.

Cool fact: Though Peppa began her adventures in the UK, she is now a big deal worldwide. Peppa Pig is seen in more than 200 countries worldwide!

Why it’s the perfect Easter holiday movie: Colourful, wholesome and featuring quite a few laughs for the grown-ups too, this festival of fun definitely lives up to its name. Whether you’re two or 62, a snorting good time is guaranteed.