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Offer Nando's Card Rewards
3rd January 2018

Nando's Card Rewards

How it works


Four simple steps and you’ll be enjoying free Nando’s in no time...


  1. Get a card You can pick up a Nando's Card at the till when you visit any of our restaurants, and start earning Chillies straight away.

  2. Register To claim your rewards you'll need to register your Card online or in the App. We'll even give you a bonus Chilli just for registering

  3. Earn When you visit us and spend £7 or more, you'll earn a Chilli on your Chilli Wheel. As you move further around the wheel, you'll bank bigger and better Rewards!

  4. Once you've earned a Reward, it's yours. You can redeem it straight away or save it for a rainy day (within one year). You'll just keep moving further round the wheel to earn more and more rewards